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  We at Relocation Contractors have many decades of experience in moving all manner of buildings from the small granny flat to a large multi storey building. If someone tells you it cannot be moved, we are your people. We pride ourselves on never having turned down a job because it cannot be done. If there is a way, we can, and in all likleyhood will find the way.


  We also understand that moving a building can become quite daunting, we are more then willing to provide extensive and professional advice in all the areas from start to finish without any kind of commitment on your part. Our policy is total and full transparency when it comes to the moving of your building.


  If you have any questions at all, no matter how trivial you think they are, send us an email. We will get back to you without any obligation on your part.

  Relocation Contractors has an extensive portfolio when it comes to overdimentional loads. We have moved structures of all shapes and sizes.


  No matter the scope our objective is always and will always be to get it moved to a predetermined timeframe and budget, without exception. 


  Even if you think it cannot be done we urge you to contact us, you may get the answers you need to hear. We are confident in our knowledge, abilities and our think outside the box attitude. Sometimes all you need is an idea and it progress' from there to job completion and satisfaction.

Building lifts, Basement lifts, house lifts

  Reloaction Contractors provides a diverse and full list of services including full foundation reinstatements. If your building has that sinking feeling, we can fix it ! It doesn't matter the size or situation, concrete floor, no problem. Old building on a rotting foundation, no problem. We will find a solution and remedy it to current building specifications and requirements and above all to your satisfaction. As with everything we do, you will be totally informed and educated on the processes involved beforehand. There will be no grey areas with us.



  Basment lifts are also something we specialise in. We have all the equiment and know how to lift your building to the height you require, no matter the size. Our work will be done professionaly and in a timely fashion with your budget and timeframes in mind. As  with all our services, flexibility and our ability to work with the client is what we strive for. If you have any equires at all concerning foundation remedial work or the lifting of your building, please contact us without obligation.

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