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Building Relocations and Removals

Moving a House

  Building relocations and building removals are a core part of our business. We provide not just a professional service using modern hydraulic equipment, but all the advice and knowledge accumulated over many decades of working within the industry. No mater the width, height, length or weight of your building, we will have the moving solution for it with minimal reinstatement costs to yourself. Your job will be completed to your satisfation with minimal stress and to a predetermined timeframe and budget.


  If you have any questions at all concerning a building removal or building relocation you may be considering, even if you do not think it possible or have been told it isn't, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We are happy to answer all questions without any commitment on your part. If you are selling a building please contact us, we buy and sell buildings on a regular basis.

Over-Dimentional load transportaion

Oversize load - Overdimentional

  We are not just a building relocation and building removal company! We have the capability to move all manner of industrial structure and building, in a timely manner and within your budget constraints. We specialise in overheight, overwidth, overweight and etremely long loads. Moving of overdimentional or oversize loads is overlooked many times as a cost effective way to complete a job and will often be cheaper then alternatives you may have used in the past or are considering for furutre jobs. 


  Even if you do not consider it a possibility to move your over-dimentional or oversize load or structure we urge you to contact us using the form below or phone using the number at the top. We will offer you advice using our experience and think outside the box attitude with no commitment necessary on your part. It takes five minutes and even if you do not use us we may provide you with contacts or ideas going forward.

Foundation Remedial Work, Building Lifts and Site moves

Foundation Remedial Work

Foundation Remedial Work

  If your building is sinking due to a poorly installed foundation, ground subsidence or an old rotting hardwood foundation, we can fix it ! The size of the building and it's construction, although a factor, is not the limiting factor. We wil perform Remedial foundation work on anything from a multi storey building to a single level granny flat. Even if your building is currently sitting on a concrete floor we have the solution to your foundation woes. Please contact us for a no obligation quote using the form at the bottom of the page.

Building lifts, Basement lifts

Building Lifts

  Building Lifts are becoming more common and for various situations. If you are in need of more building area, sometimes it is far more cost effective to have us lift your home so another level can be added below. Maybe you just want to take advantage of a view, once again a building lift can be your answer. Need more storage ? A building lift onto a pole foundation can provide it. If you are considering any of these things please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Onsite shift, Onsite move

Site moves

  Whatever your reason for having a building moved around on an existing site, we can provide a professional and cost effective solution to your needs with your budget always in mind. As with anything, construction and size of your building may not be the limiting factor you think it is. Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page, and we wil help you decide the best way forward for you with no commitment on your part.

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